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Tumbler Style: 30Oz Curve

Design: For the base: pearlescent white glitter, light pink glitter, little bit of light pink chunky glitter, and then white chunky glitter that glows blue all swirling around the cup.

Couple layers of epoxy mixed with blue glow powder

Middle Layer: Gold shimmer glitter, white mica, bits of rose pink glitter swirled almost looking like it’s melting to give it that marble swirl effect

Decals: both names one on each side in rose gold vinyl. Picture on the front possibly scripture on the back of it looks okay and not too small and then drip with gold shimmer and pink chunky glitter 

  • Handmade item, Minor flaws may be present
  • Rouge glitter may be present
  • Hand wash only
  • Select style of each tumbler vary
  • All tumblers except koozies / 14 curved coffee mugs come with a straw